#FatherBristmas – The Results

Wow. Just wow.

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Bristol is incredible. I aimed for #FatherBristmas to raise £250. Thanks to the city’s incredible generosity, the final total was…


That will make such a difference to young people in Bristol. That is enough for TWENTY full courses of mental health therapy for young people, with two extra one-to-one sessions thrown in. Thank you Bristol. Thank you so much for making this happen. You’ve all saved yourself from the naughty list. Even some people from Bath escaped it!

But I also hear some other questions. What about the prizes? Did I win the pies? When can I hang up my art? Well, the balls were polished, we chose machine number 4 (“Brunel”) and pulled lots of names out of many a Santa hat. And the winners are…

  • 1x Original A3 black lined Dilophosaurus drawing made up of Bristol landmarks from Andy Council – Lee Griffin (@Niacurshi)
  • 3x Family tour tickets from City Sightseeing Bristol open bus tours – Rob Sked (@skeddy), Hazel Phillips (@corylus) and Anne Marie (@ClearlyAM)
  • 1x Cracking Animation book, signed by Peter Lord and Nick Park, thanks to Aardman Animations – Sarah Harding
  • 1x £75 gift voucher for The Bristol Shop courtesy of The Bristol Shop – Tom Causer (@causerino)
  • 1x Dinner party set of pie and mash for 8 people from the legendary Pieminister – Nina Brightness (@GinLovingNina)
  • 1x Set of four tickets to the “50 acts in 100 minutes” Turbo Circus on Creative Common thanks to Gerry Cottle’s Circus – Kathryn Mottram (@MsMottram)
  • 1x Grand Champion meal (for 2 people) and two bottles of BBQ sauce from Grillstock – Nick Brompton (@bathsaints)
  • 1x Shaun The Sheep gift set (huge fleece blanket, mobile phone cover and small plush toy) from Aardman Animations – Lord Megatron (@TheLordMegatron)
  • 1x Case of 12 bottles of beer (3 each of Bitter, Blond, Gold and Brunel) from Butcombe Brewery – Ruth Wishart (@ruhwishart)
  • 1x Case of 12 bottles of Orchard Pig cider from Orchard Pig (of course) – Robert Weeks (@Chutzpah84)
  • 2x £10 vouchers for frozen yoghurt at Flavalanche – Lauren Lennard (@laurenlennard) and Felix Renicks (@ffffelix)
  • 2x £10 vouchers for yummy goodies at Hart’s Bakery – Dale Anthony-Williams (@helloBRSTL) and Penny Russell (@digitaldaisies)
  • 2x £10 for awesome drinks at Joe’s Coffee – Steven Gardner (@LordHyperbole) and Anne-Marie (@ClearlyAM)
  • 2x Sundaes with all the works from Vee Double Moo – Daniel Izzard (@SimpleLampoon) and Matt Jukes (@jukesie)
  • 1x Roll for the Soul t-shirt from – you guessed it – Roll for the Soul – Ben Smith (@guriben)
  • 1x snazzy Bristol map lampshade thanks to Quincy Lampshade – Tom Causer (@causerino)
  • 1x Case (6 cups) of truly excellent instant noodles thanks to Kabuto Noodles – Rebecca House (@House_Mouse)
  • 1x Case (12 bottles – winners choice of flavour) of vitamin drinks courtesy of More Vitamin Drinks – Karl Scheeres (@karlscheeres)
  • 2x Boxes of handmade flavoured truffles (around 10-12) kindly donated by Anything But Plain Chocolate – Jo Johnson (@jojohwaffle) and Hayley Constantine (@hayles)
  • 1x Recycled tractor inner tube wallet, handmade in Bristol, from Katcha Bilek – Eddie O’Connor (@HaroldsBootlace)

Thank you to each and every one person who donated. The effort was incredible and even if you didn’t win, you have helped make Christmas that little bit better for Bristol and its people.

Merry Bristmas!


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